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"Nori is simply amazing. My toddler was quite delayed with speech, but with Nori's help he quickly came into his own. Not only did she help him learn to communicate, but she taught me how to help him, too. Within a few months my son was able to share his little toddler thoughts and experiences - and now a year later he is actually advanced with his speech and he won't stop talking! Thank you, Nori, for helping my son to find his voice!!!" 

"Sarah is amazing! I'm so thankful for her and all she's done to help my son. I could never thank her enough. She's kind, patient and passionate in what she does. I wish there were more people like her in the world. Thank you Sarah, [my son] loves you. He is always so happy to see you even when he's having a bad day. The whole office is very friendly and helpful! They always take the time to answer your questions and help you. We love coming here!" 


"Noriko Simpson was my son's speech therapist until she had to move to Fresno. "Ms. Nori," as we call her, worked diligently with my son with Autism. For years she encouraged him to do what she asked, rewarding him, having observed his interests, with objects around the office. Ms. Nori was never discouraged by my son's lack of enthusiasm and was always able to turn him around when he is "not in the mood." Her patience and understanding is noticeable as well as never showing signs that my son can be hard work. Kindness is evident as my son willingly goes into the office to work with Ms. Nori weekly. We miss Ms. Nori!"


"All of the therapists here are wonderful! Our daughter saw Nori for the evaluation and we received a very detailed report regarding her communication. She has also worked with Miss Katie and Miss Careen for therapy over the year because our schedule has needed to change. Everyone is so friendly there and very accommodating. They feel like family to us!"

"Our daughter, who was born prematurely,  started working with Nori at about 14 months of age.  At the time our daughter began speech therapy, she was not saying any words or able to understand her own name.  Our daughter has flourished since seeing Nori regularly and is an expressive and talkative two year old.  My husband and I are so amazed she caught up considering where she started from.  Nori and and our daughter have an amazing relationship, and even several months after completing therapy our daughter still asks to play with Nori.  Hearing her talk in sentences and ask questions is incredible. Nori is a compassionate and highly skilled speech therapist.  We are so glad we found her!"


"Nori was a blessing for my little one. My daughter is very delayed in speech and other areas. With that, Nori knew how to engage my daughter with different objects, activities, and had the patience for when she was not as enthusiastic. Nori also taught me how to help my daughter at home, which I then passed on to my husband and other child. It was always a joy for me to see the excitement come from my daughter's face while she interacted with Nori. My daughter has discovered her way of communicating and we are all very grateful. Thank you, Nori!!"



"My son is only 3 and we have been doing online therapy for a month now. I was worried how online therapy would work, but I am so glad that I gave it a try! I was concerned that my son would not pay attention to the therapist and we would not get anything done. However, he engages with the therapist's games, pictures, and stories for part of the session. Then the other part of the session is what my therapist calls "coaching." While I play with my son she guides me on how to interact with my son, what to work on, how to improve his speech, and how I can practice his speech during daily routines like lunch and bath time. I am so glad I gave this a try because it has been working great to continue his therapy when we can't go to the office! Thank you for going above and beyond for speech appointments!"

"The people at Simpson Speech are amazing! My son is really shy and they offered an internet session due to COVID-19 restrictions. What an eye opener!! It was a very interactive session with the therapist. He loved it!!! The shyness went away and it was astonishing! I am so very grateful!"

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