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UPDATE 04/31/2021: SSL therapists have all received the COVID-19 Vaccine. In-person and online speech therapy sessions are being scheduled


COVID-10 safety precautions will continue per CDC guidelines (e.g., mask wearing, hand washing, social distancing, etc.). 

SSL is currently providing in-person and online speech therapy.


All of our in-network insurance companies have approved the use of online therapy. Your current speech therapy benefits would not change with online therapy. 



Testimonials About Online Speech Therapy

"The people at Simpson Speech are amazing! My son is really shy and they offered an internet session due to COVID-19 restrictions. What an eye opener!! It was a very interactive session with the therapist. He loved it!!! The shyness went away and it was astonishing! I am so very grateful!" 

"My son is only 3 and we have been doing online therapy for a month now. I was worried how online therapy would work, but I am so glad that I gave it a try! I was concerned that my son would not pay attention to the therapist and we would not get anything done. However, he engages with the therapist's games, pictures, and stories for part of the session. Then the other part of the session is what my therapist calls "coaching." While I play with my son she guides me on how to interact with my son, what to work on, how to improve his speech, and how I can practice his speech during daily routines like lunch and bath time. I am so glad I gave this a try because it has been working great to continue his therapy when we can't go to the office! Thank you for going above and beyond for speech appointments!" 



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